A Deeper Love Inside…Just Persevere Through the First 30+ Chapters

A Deeper Love InsideProduct: A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sista Souljah

Presentation: 432 pages

Price: currently $11 (Kindle Edition) but I paid $13 for my Kindle Edition a month ago. And yes, I do realize it’s only $2 more that I paid but still…lol. And FYI I really like the cover! That pretty red dress will be explained towards the end of the book.

Preshest POV: Prepare yourself for a few SPOILERS, they are necessary for this review. It’s pretty much a consensus that readers loved The Coldest Winter Ever. Now Midnight: A Gangster Love Story…not so much. I was very disappointed with the book and did not desire to read the sequel. But when I saw Deeper Love Inside (DLI) my interest was piqued. That same interest quickly dissipated after reading the first 30 or so chapters.

This book follows Winter’s younger sister, Porsche (I had been mentally pronouncing her name as PORE-SHA but in the book I was told I was wrong and that the correct pronunciation is PORSH…at any rate). The reader follows Porsche as she navigates juvenile prison, escapes, lives on an Indian reservation, moves back to Brooklyn, attempts to capture the love from her drug addicted mother that she missed out on as a child, and makes a $20,000+ yearly salary as a preteen. I felt the first 40+ chapters of DLI were kinda random and unrealistic because I did not think a 10 year old would think/act on the level being described by Porsche.

By the time I was fed up with this book and desperately longing for the end (way past the midpoint of the book so you can imagine how OVER this book I was), something great happened. I realized what had been missing from this novel – the love story. Now don’t get me wrong, how the love story ends still seems a little unrealistic (in regards to what happens to Porsche’s “boyfriend”), but the book got much better when he was introduced. Overall I’d give the book a 3/5. In regards to the very apparent mental illness that Porsche suffers…I choose to overlook it and her imaginary friend like everyone else in the book did. But feel free to read up on it for yourself.

2013 Academy Awards…Missed the Show…Again!

I obviously haven’t been all that into the awards shows because I clearly took a 5 hour nap (I use that term loosely) and missed the majority of the awards show yesterday. I was more interested in the fashion anyway. I tried to limit my favorites but I just couldn’t.  So I chose 6 looks that I really enjoyed. I also realized that I love sleek gowns as well as the big pomp and circumstance of ball gown. Check it out below…

Her dress looks so comfortable and feathery. I would feel like a fairy princess in this :)

Amy Adams looks so comfortable and feathery. I would feel like a fairy princess in this 🙂

Charlize Theron

First of all I love Charlize Theron’s haircut! Her dress is white, simple and I love the peplum accent of the dress.

Jennifer Hudson

Bold. Blue. Sparkly. This combination always works for me and it works for J. Hud as well.

Jennifer Lawrence

I keep asking myself why I like this dress? Possibly because I have been overdosing on seasons of “Say Yes to the Dress.” This dress does have a bridal appeal to it. It’s big and commands attention. And Jennifer won the Oscar in this dress so hey, I’m here for it!

By far my favorite look of the night! Everything about this dress is right. The colors, the cut, the split in the skirt...shall I continue?

By FAR my favorite look of the night! Kelly Rowland has been serving it lately in everything she’s been wearing. Everything about this dress is right. The colors, the cut, the split in the skirt…shall I continue?

Octavia Spencer

I love that Octavia Spencer is wearing this dress and the dress is not wearing her. The color is beautiful, yet subtle and the fit/flair cut of the dress is genius. The off the shoulder, sheer cut of the dress is what makes me really like it.

The 2013 Golden Globes…Missed the Show, But Not the Fashion

It’s been such a long time since I blogged about N-E-thing. I still have a list of a million different things that I have tried and think are great that I want to share. But in the meantime and in between time…I was looking at red carpet photos from Sunday night’s Golden Globes. I cannot wait until the next time I have the opportunity to get all dolled up and go somewhere other than work :). I just wanted to share some of the looks I liked the most. And since I am a type A personality I had to keep the same format of my other posts (e.g. product, presentation, etc.). Don’t judge me!

Product: Well the Golden Globes fashion is not really a product per se…lol

Presentation: I really like fashion. My personal fashion is much more on the simplistic side (though I do enjoy accessorizing), but I really enjoy celebrity fashion. So without further ado…

Did anyone else have any other favorites?

I'm not even sure who Kaley Cuoco is but this dress is so beautiful to me. It's not too revealing and I love the decorative cut along the top of the dress.

I’m not even sure who Kaley Cuoco is but this dress is so beautiful to me. It’s not too revealing and I love the decorative cut along the top of the dress.

J.Lo. Oh J. Lo. She is so fit and this dress looks like it was made for her. Haters everywhere are being hushed by her in this dress in this pic. I'm just saying! Very pretty!

J.Lo. Oh J. Lo. She is so fit and this dress looks like it was made for her. Haters everywhere are being hushed by her in this dress in this pic. I’m just saying! Very pretty!

The color is absolutely beautiful and definitely makes her stand out. Nicole looks so elegant.

The color is absolutely beautiful and definitely makes her stand out. Nicole looks so elegant.

This dress is so sexy! Werk, Eva, werk!

This dress is so sexy! Werk, Eva, werk!

Retail Me Not!

retail me not

Product: Retail Me Not & other online coupons

Presentation: This is a website and iPhone app that allows you to search online and in-store coupons. The app/site is pretty easy to use but I have found the app to be more user friendly for some reason.

Price: FREE (I may have mentioned that I LOVE free stuff) and includes coupons with up to 40% off of items

Payoff: The payoff for this app/site is seen in the money that you will save. And who doesn’t like saving money?!

Preshest POV: Once upon a time there was a woman (me). She searched for an online coupon to make a purchase. She discovered Retail Me Not. And they lived happily every after…

Maybe a little dramatic lol but I must have been living under a rock to have just discovered this app/site. You simply type a retail/online store into the search engine and it will return several coupons from that store. It also displays the percentage of people who have tried the coupon and reported that it worked. Retail Me Not is not limited to popular retail chains either. It’s very convenient in that you can pull up the coupon codes via your mobile phone in stores as well. Yesterday I stopped in the Puma store and purchased a pageboy hat (with a satin lining for my natural kinks) that was marked 30% off. I searched Retail Me Not and found a 40% off coupon and the store honored it. (There are also instances when you can double dip and use the store’s discount as well as the Retail Me Not coupon discount.) I would also recommend doing a Google search for coupons as well. I was able to find a 20% off coupon for a ring I purchased on Eve’s Addiction through a simple Google search J. My motto is why pay more when you can pay less? Actually I borrowed that motto from Payless but you get the gist…

What other apps/sites have you found that offer great coupons?

When a Bad Book Review Turns Out Good…

Product: The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric J Bargerhuff

Presentation: 176 pages

Price: as low as $6.69 (paperback) and $9.39 (Kindle edition). I don’t know how they determine these VERY specific prices, but I actually got the book for FREE when it was offered one week on Amazon. Me likes the free stuff!

Preshest POV: This book was hard to digest initially. The book started with one of my favorite verses, Jeremiah 29:11 “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future…’” The author went on to say, “This is the plan for the nation, not necessarily a personal promise that is directed to any one person per se.” I began thinking that if the author was correct, then most present day Christians could discredit every promise in the Old Testament since it was specifically directed at the Israelites. I started thinking this book review wouldn’t be very positive…

Then I came across something in my consecutive, personal bible study of Psalm 33:12. The question was posed as to whether the promise of blessing in Psalm 33:12 applied to all Christians. The answer (loosely summarized): while the principle IS true for individuals, families and communities, the specific promise in its context WAS applied to Israel. This helped me through the remainder of “The Most Misused…” I learned 2 important things:

  1. It is vital to read scripture in its context and not take every verse of scripture and use it in a way that supports OUR agenda and
  2. There are some verses that were promised to the Israelites or other individuals in the Bible, but the biblical principle can be applied to our own personal lives.

So would I recommend this book? Yes. But don’t think you won’t find some of your favorite verses in here that may challenge your personal use of them. The good news is that Bargerhuff’s book is based on the Good News so this is a legit read.

Seche Vite…Where Have You Been All My Manicured Life???

Product: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Presentation: This polish comes in a standard clear glass polish bottle…nothing too fancy.

Price: $8-$10 at select retailers (Sally Beauty Supply, Target) and ~$4 online (Amazon)

Payoff: Let me go on record as saying this is THE BEST top coat I have ever tried in my life. It can keep my manicure lasting strong for a good week and has a high shine gloss finish – and not the high shine that most other polishes boast, but an actual high shine gloss.  

Preshest POV: Every since I was younger I had a fascination with my nails. My great aunt would even tell a story about how she left me in the house to run to the store (DCFS would’ve had a field day with this finding lol) and returned to find me quietly doing my nails J. I had my nails done religiously by professionals from age 20 to age 26. It was serious. Then I started doing my own manicures. As a loyal OPI fan I was taken aback when someone recommended Seche Vite top coat as opposed to OPI’s. After trying it I don’t think I will ever try any other top coat. Even when I completed my manis and pedis a couple of hours before bed, my polish would smear throughout the night with the OPI topcoat. NOT with Seche Vite. Not only is it super fast drying, but my nails have a high shine buffed appearance. It’s like someone placed a thin sheet of glass over my mani.  It is every bit worth the $8 retail price tag. (Sorry Target, but no matter how much I love you I’m not paying $10 for a polish).


P.S. This polish is so good the company doesn’t even sell other colored polishes (that I know of). It’s like they’re saying, “Go on…use any crappy nail polish and watch our top coat keep it intact!”

P.P.S. Other bloggers have commented on the warning label on the back of the polish. Check it out before purchasing.

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.” Hebrews 10:35

This has been the soundtrack to my day since I woke up. I haven’t been able to post lately. I’ve been super busy and last week was a pretty rough week. But I have confidence that things are better. And I have some As I Am & Jane Carter Solutions reviews coming up once I get my life. 🙂

Budget Buy Alert: The Best Shampoo Ever…Okay Maybe Not “Ever”

Hey good people!!! It’s been a couple weeks or so but I’m back at it…for today at least. Enjoy!!!

Product:Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo

Remember red packaging = argan oil (according to pretty much every hair care company)

Presentation: The shampoo comes in a standard container, packaged in red. (I’m assuming the color red is the theme for argan oil. It’s sorta like the new version of how the color blue represents “cotton blossom” scented products. Just my perception…)

Price: $4.99 for a 12 oz bottle at your local beauty supply

Payoff: This shampoo is sulfate free (so it does not dry your hair out), smells great and has great “slip”. It lathers really well and leaves my kinks feeling very moisturized and slippery, which makes detangling a much easier task. Oh and did I mention it smells good? Lol. I may have mentioned I have a thing for good smelling hair products.

Preshest POV: This is one of my staple products – it will remain amongst my array of products and continue to be repurchased, because it gets the job done and gets the job done well. I have nothing against co-washing, but it is not for me. When I wash my hair biweekly I like for my scalp and strands to FEEL clean. While co-washing can achieve this, my mind has been programmed to believe that shampoo=clean. Enter Moisture and Shine Shampoo.  I really like Crème of Nature products. This is a company that I have recognized and trusted since childhood. I decided to give the argan oil line a try after hearing great things about argan oil. This is probably the best shampoo I have ever tried. When I rinse it out it leaves my hair so soft that it feels as if I still have some shampoo in it, which in my opinion is the perfect kinda clean :).  You can’t beat the price at just 5 bucks either. I have also seen these products at Walgreens, Walmart and other places so it should be easy to find if you want to give it a try.

Perfect Peace (One of My Favorite Reads)

Product: Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

Presentation: 352 pages

Price: as low as $8.24 (paperback) and $12.99 (Kindle edition). Also the cover has THE cutest little girl on the cover, which has nothing to do with nothing, just thought I’d share :).

See what I mean? She’s too cute!

Preshest POV: This is one of my favorite reads – mainly do to the creative plot. The novel is set in Arkansas several decades ago. Emma Jean is the mother to 6 boys when she becomes pregnant with her seventh son. Thoroughly disappointed that her new baby is another boy and not the precious little girl she always wanted, she decides to raise her son as a girl without telling anyone (except the midwife who helps deliver Perfect). But by the time Perfect turns 8 years of age he discovers that he is a boy. At that point he becomes Paul and the object of the town’s disapproving gaze. This novel explores so many different issues as it follows Paul/Perfect, his parents’ and siblings’ issues. Even with all of the issues the book explores, it does so without overdoing it or being confusing. Don’t think this review gives away the entire novel either. There is so much more worth reading. Enjoy!